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I have used Mark and Lena Young several times for professional and social photography and have always been ecstatic with the results.  Besides great photographic products, the Young’s are a fantastic team to work with, due to their expertise, experience and patience. I have seen the impressive portfolio of the Young’s, online, but by meeting and working with them, their incredible photography technical expertise becomes evident, in their explanations on model positioning, lighting and camera settings. A less skilled and patient photo team would not be able to exude such knowledge and confidence, which in turn makes the photo subject comfortable and at ease during the shoot, making for better photos.  One of the great bonuses of a Young photo shoot, in addition to great photos, is the education received on photography. Such information is invaluable to photographer and model alike.  Thank you, Mark and Lena! An Anonymous Mid-Atlantic Professional  (July 2023) 


Thank you Mark for a great and productive session. Working with you was very clear and no surprises! I agree the results were excellent. I absolutely recommend other models work with you.  Nikki Winters (June 2023)


Working with Mark C. Young and his wife was, by far, one of the best experiences I have had from a photoshoot. Mark is very knowledgeable about all the necessary technical skills needed to get the best shot; including lighting, posing, and editing. I learned so much from working with him and was able to grow as a model. Mark and his wife also created a very supportive and comfortable environment for a model. Mark put a lot of thought and planning into our shoot which was very helpful. I am extremely happy with the photos that were a result of our collaboration. I could not be happier and only have positive feedback! I definitely am looking forward to my next photoshoot with Mark and his wife. I highly, highly recommend working with them!!  Renae Nycene (May 2023)


It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He made sure I felt comfortable in his space and executed my vision perfectly. He was very fast with producing the final images and gave me all of the raw files. You can tell he has a passion for photography. We helped each other grow as creatives and I am open to working with him again.  Buttah (February 2023)


Mark is an awesome and professional photographer, and I enjoyed every bit of our interactions, thank you for the quick turnaround time, as well as accommodating me for our first photoshoot in your studio. Will definitely be back for more! Johnny Wen (January 2023)


Mark was wonderful to work with. He had helpful suggestions but also was open and supportive to my input. I felt comfortable working with him and we got some great shots. He is super nice also! I will definitely love to work with him again. Sun Jae Yoo (December 2022)


I really appreciate your work.  You do an amazing job with your subjects and have such a classy portfolio.  Keep up the wonderful job.  BSchultz Photographer (November 2022)


It was an amazing pleasure to work with Mark and his wife Lena! Both were friendly, professional, and patient as we were going through the shoots. They also came prepared to the site with a stepping stool and lighting equipment. Mark picked a wonderful setting that was conducive to the portraits we took. He was very knowledgeable about the lighting, angles, and posture I needed to take in order to look my best.  Ella McKay (November 2022)


Working with Mark and Lena Young was such a wonderful experience. They made sure I was comfortable the entire shoot and allowed me to express my creative ideas freely. Not only is Mark very professional, but his attention to detail and talented eye make for beautiful shots! I hope to work with these amazing individuals again!   Vicky Vargas  (June 2022)


It was a delight working with Mark and Lena. Both of them were very professional. They bought a stepping stool and lighting equipment with them, and made sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend!   Kristina Chanthavixay  (June 2022)

It was a pleasure working with you and your wife. You both had a lot of creative ideas. look forward to working with you both again.   Dwelley Gardiner  (May 2022)

Outstanding work Mark!!!  It’s a pleasure to still see some real quality portrait work .. Bravo … Bobby Cupola, Photographer (May 2022)

Mark and Lena are examples of true professionals! Before the shoot, Mark was very prepared and took his time to visit multiple shoot locations to make sure we had the best one. He was very communicative and made sure all details would be flawless. At the shoot, Mark and Lena arrived on time with all the nice equipment. They both went out of their ways to make sure I was comfortable and worked so hard to make sure I had the best experience. Mark is very knowledgeable with all the lighting, and could detect details that one could easily overlook. After the shoot, Mark worked on the images very quickly which I really appreciated. I love the images that Mark took and am very happy with the experience. If you have an opportunity to work with Mark and Lena, take it!  Alexis Orchid  (April 2022)

Mark and his Wife Lena were such a pleasure to work with! I appreciated Mark's professionalism in discussing the details and what I hoped to achieve prior to the shoot. They were both very accommodating and patient, which made the shoot a very fun and comfortable experience. It was great to shoot in such a unique location, and I'm glad to have partnered with them to capture such beautiful images. Highly recommended!  Charina Rodriguez (April 2022)

Had a wonderful time shooting with Mark and his wife, Lena. They are a fantastic team. Mark is meticulous about his photography, and it shows in his work. The lighting Lena provides to exterior shoots is a real game changer. Highly recommend Mark and Lena.  Bonnie Errin (March 2022)

Mark and Lena are wonderful to work with! They are both extremely professional. Mark is such a talented photographer with a very keen eye and he is attentive to detail. He will help find the best areas to shoot in when you're at your location based upon what you are wearing and he will help pose you as well because he is quite knowledgeable with that. Lena was invaluable with helping with lighting. The photos they take together I feel like would be very difficult to get with only relying on natural sunlight. I would highly recommend this amazing photographer and I can't wait to work with him again!  Marisa Conway  (February 2022)

Mark was a pleasure to work with! Leading up to the shoot, he listen to what I wanted and incorporated my requests into our photo shoot. He was very professional and completely transparent every step of the way and worked with me to make sure I had everything in place for the photo shoot to run smoothly. The picture turn around time was also very quick. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a photographer!  Hend Alrawi (April 2021)

It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and had excellent communications before, during, and after the shoot. It is clear that Mark cares deeply about making a nice working experience for everyone and creating products of excellence. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone considering working with him. Thank you again, Mark!   JC Alena (October 2020)

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